Cosmetic Contact Lens

Black Contact Lens Sclera

Black contact lens sclera means black sclera contact lens which is a special effect colored contact lens. Black contact lens sclera is a custom contact lens that is used to fulfill your specific needs. Generally, sclera lens means a large type of contact lens that is fitted in the sclera. It produces a tear-filled vault over the cornea.

Sclera is the white portion of the eye. Modern sclera lenses are generally big and they are fitted in the sclera and supported by it. Modern sclera lenses can treat a variety of eye disorders. These lenses are developed with highly oxygen permeable polymer. Sclera contact lenses generally bulge out more than regular contact lenses. As artificial tears fill up the gap between the lens and the cornea, vision is restored considerably.

Black contact lenses sclera are greatly used in horror and sci-fic movies. In films like Evil dead, Underworld, the visual effects produced by these lenses are stunning. In fact, these lenses are very cool and happening. But, the worst thing about these colored contact lenses is that there is no information available about the safety of the wearer. In fact, people wearing this black contact lens sclera sometimes complain of contact lens problems like allergic reactions, uncomfortableness and alike.

These lenses are also very expensive. For the safety of your eyes, it is required that these crazy contact lenses should be taken care of. Contact lens cleaning requires you to use a proper contact lens cleaner and contact lens case. They should be rinsed at least once a week.