Cosmetic Contact Lens

Wear Designer Black Contact Lenses This Halloween!

What is the whole idea behind using black contact lenses when your pupil is already black or in a near black shade? There are many people who think the same and thus refrain from using black contact lenses for Halloween. But, black contact lenses are not as minimalist as you think them to be.

In fact these days, you shave special effect contact lenses that can give the plain black color an all new meaning. For instance, how about a black contact lens with red petal like dots painted in the center? Or how about black contact lenses with stars and moons on them? Though, these contact lenses essentially use the black color they come with a bit of a twist.

If you are looking for black contact lenses for this Halloween, then you have more than one option to go in for. One of the hottest favorite in black lenses this season is the black sclera. This contact lens not just gives your pupil but the white portion of the eye too a black color. So, you have a completely black eye. You are sure to look a real demon with this one.

But, black contact lenses need not spell out only horror. They can mean fun too. Take for instance, the black star contact lens. The contact lens is black with a white start in the center. The white center has the iris as the center point which is transparent. This contact lens is fun and is a great idea if you do not want to carry the usual vampire look this Halloween.

Another hot favorite in black contact lenses is the infinity contact lens. This is another black contact lens with geometrical white design. This one is more fun and artistic too. It is the apt choice if you are not a fan of over the top contact lenses. There are several other designs and patterns in black contact lenses that you can go in for.

Though most people prefer red contact lenses for the Halloween season, these black contact lenses too make for a great pick. Their minimalistic nature makes them look simple yet different. It is the basic nature of these lenses that makes them a far better choice than the loud contact lenses which scream for attention.

Also, black contact lenses go well with any kind of outfits. So, whether you are dressed like a clown, a vampire or even a celebrity, you can wear these contact lenses. Black contact lenses are not costume specific like most contact lenses and thus offer easy usage.

So, while you are looking for contact lenses for Halloween 2009, make sure you give these black contact lenses a try.