Cosmetic Contact Lens

Change Your Personality With Colored Contact Lenses

Do you have black colored eyes and wish to change them to brown or blue? Now, you can change the color of your eyes and the way you look with colored contact lenses.

In recent times, a number of  innovations in color contact lenses have taken place.  Contacts lenses are not only a great way to correct your vision but also a cosmetic aid. There are a variety of contact lenses available in terms of material and color.

Yes, you can totally change the color of your eyes or just add a tinge of color, with colored contact lenses. Colored lenses are easily affordable and you can have lenses of different colors. You can now change the color of your eyes to suit your mood, dress or the occasion. Imagine having different colored eyes for different days of the week.

The lenses are available for people who need vision correction, who have astigmatism and the ones who need bifocals. These lenses are available in two variants – disposable or  permanent. Basically, there are four types of color contact lenses.

These are visibility tint contact lenses, enhancement tint contacts, opaque lenses and the light filtering contact lenses. Visibility tint contact lenses are not so popular for changing the color but for the convenience they offer. They are easily visible to others and are easy to use. 

The enhancement tint contact lenses come in a design that has a translucent tint. These lenses are used to add a tint to the eyes which enhances the natural color. These lenses do not have a solid color. They have a dark tint which works with the natural color of the eyes to jazz up the color just a bit.

Opaque contact lenses are used to change the color of the eyes completely. You can change from blue to green! These are fun to use and attractive.

The light filtering lenses are used for sporting events and the out of doors. These lenses are used to add a little tint to whatever you see, which makes it easier to play sports like tennis ball or even golf!

So, go ahead and change the way your eyes look. Give yourself a completely different personality.