Cosmetic Contact Lens

Color Contact Lenses And Make Up – Make It Look Natural

Color contact lenses have emerged as a great fashion accessory in the recent past. There are different options available to you if you want to use color contact lenses. If you just want to get bright looking eyes, you can go for enhancement contact lenses and if you want to do a complete change in the color of your eyes, you can use opaque contact lenses. But do you know that the lenses alone may not be the best thing for you. You would have to apply proper makeup with the lenses as well.

You cannot use just any type of makeup when you use color contact lenses. Instead you have to make sure that your makeup, the color tone of your lenses and the complexion of your skin are matching with each other in order to get the best results.

If you have a fair complexioned skin and you want to use green colored contact lenses, the eyeshadow that you are using should be of pale green or bluish green. The trick here is to use the shadow of the same color as your lenses but make sure that the shadow's tone is lighter as compared to that of lenses. So if you want to use blue color contact lenses, make sure to use light blue shadow. Using a light shadow would bring out the prominence in your eyes

Coming to the eyeliner, it is recommended that you do not use black eyeliner but go for gray or brown    colors. The liner must be light enough so that it does not create any sharp contrast near your eyelids.

If you have a dark complexioned skin, you can use, amethyst, green or sapphire blue color lenses. Application of bronze colored eyeshadow can be a great help in making the eyes look deep with green color contacts. If you want to use blue colored lenses, it is recommended that you use deep brown color shadow as it shall create a dramatic contrast level. If you have aqua colored contact lenses, it is recommended that you use amber colored shadow.

Proper makeup which goes with your skin tone and the color of lenses can help you magnify the appeal of your eyes exponentially and can do wonders with your looks.