Cosmetic Contact Lens

Color Contact Lenses are in vogue!

In today's world, when every thing comes with style, color contact lenses are the latest fashion statement. They can have a better effect than your eye make up by providing a stunning look. Let us find out what are the latest fashion trends in color contact lenses.

The color contact lenses can give an entire new look to your eyes as well as to your whole appearance. These lenses are not meant to correct your vision but are used just for fashion and style. With the help of these contact lenses, you can change the color of your eyes according to your mood and the occasion.

The most popular colors amongst the users are blue and green.  Many people of different eye color want to change the color of their eyes and go for blue color for their eyes. Even those who have blue eyes wish to have a brighter color. So, they make use of the blue contact lenses.

If you want to have a color different from natural, you can have your desired color contact lenses from Freshlook Colorblends or Durasoft. Both these brands deal in disposable and traditional color contact lenses. Freshlook Colorblends manufactures True Sapphire which is especially designed for both dark and light eyes.

Green is the color to show passion. People who want to get sometimes wild use green color contact lenses in place of their original brown or blue eyes. Even if you have light eyes, you can try out the green shade. The best options available are Acuvue 2 Colors Jade Green, Durasoft 2 Colors Green and Freshlook Colorblends Green. For light eyes, go for Durasoft 2 Colors or Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers Emerald Green.

Another color favorite amongst the users is the Amethyst which offers a mysterious look to the eyes. It is best suited for those who have dark skin and dark eyes. Amethyst eyes are very rare as compared to blue or green and hence they are much more attention grabber.

You can also go for definition ring contact lenses. These clear lenses with a dark border make the eyes look more natural and beautiful. Another option is to add radiance to your eyes with Freshlook Radiance lenses which add sparkle in your eyes.