Cosmetic Contact Lens

Color Contact Lenses - Get New Eye Color!

People, all over the world, love colored contact lenses. The different brands offer different colors. But, while come make the eyes look attractive, others can makes the eyes look fake or unappealing. Here we will discuss some of the rules that could help you get quality color lenses for your eyes.

There are basically two types of color contact lenses including the opaque lenses and enhancement color contacts. The latter gives the eyes slightly different hues, or makes it appear brighter or more sparkling. Though they are most suitable for people with light eyes such as blue, green, gray, etc., being partially transparent, they usually look very natural.

Opaque lenses can actually change your eye color completely. Since they are not transparent, they are ideal for people with dark eyes. So, if you want to change the color of your eyes completely, these are the lenses to purchase. People with light eyes though can wear both types of lenses depending on what they want their overall look to be.

Color contacts for a subtle change: you can use colored contact lenses to make subtle changes to your eyes. The enhancement lenses can help you achieve that. Blue eyes can be made brighter with the help of these lenses, and can also help attract more attention. You can get blue tints for gray eyes as well. You can try acuvue products or freshlook products to get the results you require.

Color contact lenses for a dramatic change: for any dramatic change of eye color, you would require opaque lenses. Some of the best choices in this field include Acuvue and Ciba Vision. For women with dark hair and eyes, sapphire and amethysts are the best colors to be used. For blue or gray eyes, you can try honey colored contacts. These lenses create a warm affect, and the change is also so dramatic that it will grab all the attention you want.

Color contact lens safety: people who already wear contact lenses should have no problems with wearing them. But, for those who do not, contacting the physician would be a good idea. Also, you should find out about how to take care of them. Also, color lenses should not be worn for more then 6-8 hours a day, as the lenses tend to block off oxygen to your eyes leaving them susceptible to damage. Also, you should never sleep with them.

Do find yourself some great colored contact lenses. The sparkling eye effect can really enhance your beauty. Also, it' fun to keep changing your eye color frequently as it gives you a fresh, new look each day.