Cosmetic Contact Lens

Color Contact Lenses - Take all precautions!

If you are planning to get a new pair of color contact lenses for yourself, do your homework whether they are safe for you? Let us find out the factors that may lead to trouble in your eyes while using these lenses.

The two main aspects that should come into consideration when you wear color contact lenses are the quality of the lenses and their maintenance. As for quality, you should never compromise on that and whereas the maintenance, it requires a lot of caring.

First of all, keep in mind not to buy contact lenses from a local salon or a flea market. Always buy from a reputed optician and that too with a prescription from an eye specialist. Color contacts contain toxic paints and that is why they should not come in direct contact with the surface of the eye. That is why a specialist only knows how to fit them properly.

The local ones might look good but the branded color contact lenses are always the best option. You should always buy the color contact lenses with FDA approval. If you go for online vendors to purchase color contact lenses, you should order from a reputable retailer. However, it is always advisable that you should follow the instructions of the eye specialist on how to use the color lenses.

In order to take precautions, you have to follow certain rules to make sure that the color lenses do not cause any harm to your eyes. Wearing the color contacts for longer periods may harm considerably. Since most of these lenses do not allow the flow of oxygen to the eyes, it can cause trouble if you wear the lenses for more than 8 hours in a stretch.

Sleeping with putting your contact color lenses on is not advisable and you should follow it religiously. You may suffer from inflammation of the corneas and this also is the most dangerous mishandling of the contact lenses. Apart from it, you should not swim or take shower wearing the color contact lenses. Sharing your lens with other people is also harmful.

Color lenses can change your entire appearance but make sure that you do not stake your health for this.