Cosmetic Contact Lens

Colored Contact lenses on Trial Basis

Manufacturers and stores give out free contact lenses of all types in a bid to attract customers and to create brand loyalty amongst them. Manufacturers are able to convince customers about the utility of their product and customers get to try on a pair of contact lenses for free. This helps them to decide on which brand to buy when they have used the trial lens. It is a win-win situation.

A free pair of cosmetic color contact lenses on a trial basis helps you to select a pair that is suitable for your personality and attitude. There is four types of colored lenses that are available in the market. These types areĀ  enhancement tints, visibility tints, light filtering tints and opaque color tints. You should carefully look into all the available varieties and decide which one is the best for you.

However before you decide to wear a pair of colored contacts you should consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist to determine if these lenses are suitable for you to wear. Your optometrist will be able to determine by checking your eyes if you will be able to wear contact lenses without any problem. Once you do that, you can go for any of the contact lenses that are available on a trial basis.

Remember that you need a prescription from your eye care specialist, for you to be able to avail the offer of free colored contact lenses on trial. Manufacturers usually do not give these lenses without a prescription as they ant to make sure that you have consulted an eye care specialist.

Disposable contact lenses are the most popular option amongst contact lens users. This is because of the convenience and the fact that you do not have to regularly clean and sterilize your contacts. Colored disposable contact lenses can change the way you look and a number of contact lens users prefer such lenses.