Cosmetic Contact Lens

Contact Lenses For Special Effects – Simply Cosmetic!

The Special Effects Contact Lenses are used mostly by people in show business like movies, televisions and during festivals like Halloween to create special effects. Their designs include red-hot, wildfire, zebra, cat eyes, ice fire, devil, cross, whiteout and blackout etc.

Many companies also provide individually painted lenses, but they come very expensive. If one has a particular design in mind, he/she can order for the lenses to be made as per specific requirements and design.

Earlier the use of these lenses was confined to theatres or movies. But lately, these are being used even by average consumers. They are often used to make a fashion statement and may be worn with special costumes or in theme parties. As these lenses are meant for only cosmetic or costume purposes, they are not suitable for every day use and are best suited for only occasional or special use.

Coming to the various types of these lenses, they come in two varieties. They may be round which cover only the colored area of the eye or scleral which cover the entire visible part of the eye leaving no white area visible. Semi-scleral are larger than the ordinary round lenses. In these lenses, some white portion is left visible at the corners of the eye.

Scleral lenses create great effect but are difficult to insert and remove. They are not very comfortable to wear and are often quite expensive. Semi-scleral are better as they cover a significant portion of the eye and are more affordable.

These special effects contacts are completely opaque and are equally suitable for both light as well as dark eye colors. Though usually zero powered, some of these lenses also correct vision of the user.

Proper cleaning of these special effects lenses is very important. They must not be worn during swimming or bathing and should not be shared. While buying, you have to ensure that these lenses are in a sealed pack and have been through the process of sterile packaging.

For overnight use, the material of these contact lenses is not suitable. It is better to buy these lenses with a valid prescription. These contacts must be properly fitted and comfortable to the user and should not cause any irritation or itching in the eye.

Special effects contact lenses may be either monthly disposable or the traditional ones that can last up to one year. These lenses are as safe as any other contact lenses if one closely adheres to the rules and guidelines for their proper maintenance.