Cosmetic Contact Lens

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

The cosmetic contact lens is a novel way to add color to your eyes and to change your overall personality. Cosmetic contact lenses are in a high demand usually at the time of Halloween. Besides Halloween, these lenses usually create a sensation at theme and rave parties. If you have ever wondered how your favorite movie stars look so striking in their latest movies, the secret might be cosmetic lenses.

Whether it is Halloween, party time or movies, cosmetic contact lenses allow people to experiment with their appearance by changing the color of their eyes. Cosmetic contact lenses are usually non-powered. However, you can get a pair of powered cosmetic contact lenses.

While cosmetic contacts are designed for fun, they are still considered medical devices by the FDA. These contact lenses can cause serious eye infections if not fitted properly or unsuitable for your eyes. It is always advisable to get your eyes checked up from a qualified eye care specialist, before you use a pair of cosmetic lens. A little precaution can save you a lot of bother later.

There are a number of reputed manufacturers of cosmetic lenses. Two of the most popular brands are WildEyes by CIBA vision and Crazy Lenses by Coopervision. Jaguar, Zebra Black-Out, Whiteout and Red Hot are a few of the types of lenses available under the WildEyes brand. Cat Eye, Red Spiral, Wolf, Black Spiral, Fire, and NFL Crazy Lenses are some of the types available in the Crazy Lenses brand.

The choice is amazing and the possibilities of using these for fright night, theme parties or theatre are endless. You have to be careful that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when you put on, take off and store these lenses. Contact lenses should be cleaned and stored after use in order to prevent eye infection.