Cosmetic Contact Lens

Eyes Contact Lenses are Purely Cosmetic Purposes!

Angelic contact lenses are cosmetic contact lenses worn by the people especially in show business for the special effects they create. They impart the eyes an angelic and a beautifully natural look. They usually serve no medical purpose and are used for decorative purposes only.

These contact lenses are painted to mask the real color of the eye and can be either opaque or translucent. As they are dyed and colored, they are thicker than routine contact lenses.

Angelic contact lenses are colored with the exception of a small area in the center of the lens that is non-pigmented. This portion enables the user to see clearly. Some styles have a small area for the pupil that makes the surroundings appear misty and obscure. Thus, while wearing such lenses one needs to be very careful of one’s surroundings.

Most often these contact lenses are blue in color. Many of these are also available as hand-painted lenses. However, hand-painted lenses are made only to order.

Angelic contact lenses are available in both disposable and non-disposable varieties. While the former are available in daily, weekly and monthly disposable types, the latter are the standard lenses that can last for about a year. Usually, they are zero-powered and not meant for vision correction purposes.

Traditionally, these contact lenses were used in movies, theatrical productions and television for their exceptional effects. They were used to complete the entire persona and make the artist’s costume more life-like and authentic. These days, they are popularly used to make a fashion statement, for makeovers and for costume parties.

As per the Food and Drug Administration of USA, the angelic contact lenses are cosmetic lenses and thus one does not require a doctor’s prescription for purchasing these. However, it is recommended that these lenses, just like other contact lenses, be purchased only after a thorough eye examination and as per the recommendations of one’s eye practitioner.

Angelic contact lenses require proper cleaning and disinfecting routine. One must adhere to the guidelines provided by the lens provider for complete lens care which can be very helpful in keeping eyes healthy, free from infections and in enhancing the longevity of the lenses.

Angelic lenses help to augment one’s existing eye color. They transform the eye color into a new hue, which appears extremely beautiful and at the same time natural.