Cosmetic Contact Lens

Facts about Colored Contact Lenses!

Color contact lenses have become a fashion statement in the glamour world of today. These lenses are available in the market in a large variety of colors including green, blue and lavender. However, it should be kept in mind that the color contact lenses give the best results only when they match with your skin tone. 

The colored contacts in the market today are various types. Colored lenses are also available as visibility tint lenses.

The market of today can boast of enhancement lenses which carry the tint. This tint changes the color of the eye of the wearer. People with light colored eyes like blue, green or hazel prefer these lenses since these lenses make a subtle change in the color of your eye. On the other hand, people with dark colored eyes use opaque colored lenses. These lenses also suit on the person with brown eyes. These lenses come in distinct patterns and also have various designs. These designs are generally called as pattern color designs.

When it comes to the opaque colored lenses, there is a major drawback with them as these lenses affect the vision of the wearer whose eye pupils are large. The reason for this is opaqueness which blocks various parts of the vision fields. In the market of today, you can also get light filter lenses which enhance the color. This is why tennis and golf players prefer these lenses as
they found the ball a lot more visible in them.