Cosmetic Contact Lens

Fun Filled Wild Eyes Contact Lenses

If you are preparing for festivities or even if you are feeling a little bit sad for do-not-know-why, you can put zing and warmth back in to your life and your festive preparation with the help of wild eyes contact lenses. These lenses apart from letting you change your eye color, also let add something to your personality and thus make you happy.

Wild eyes contact lenses have their best use in Halloween times, in theatrical purposes and other novelty uses. In fact, specially designed Wild eyes contact lenses increase the effects of each frame in a movie, mostly sci-fiction and horror movies.

Varied cosmetic contact lenses are available to all whether a user of eyeglasses or contacts, and also to those who don't require any prescriptive vision correction. These lenses can not be prescription contact lenses but simply colored contact lense. You can use these cosmetic crazy contact lenses to enhance your costume choice in a theatrical production. Wild eyes contact lenses are manufactured by Cibavision. The different types of special-effect contact lenses include the following:

A) Jaguar or metallic teal, with a vertical black pupil.
B) Black-out, which changes your eye color to black.
C) Cat Eye or yellow, with a vertical black pupil.
D) Hypnotica or black, with a white spiral.
E) Alien or green, with a black spaceship.
F) Icefire or electric blue, with a white ice crystal.
G) Red Hot, which changes your eye color to red.
H) Zebra, with a cool animal print for your eyes.i) White-out, that changes your eye color to white.
I) Wildfire or yellow flames, circle your pupil on a red background.
J) Knockout or white with a black X.
K) Zoomin' or a blue pinwheel on a black background.

While cosmetic wild eyes contacts are designed for fun, they are still considered medical devices by the FDA. Like all contact lenses, they can cause eye infections if not fitted correctly or cared for properly. That means, you must see an eye care professional to have them fitted and prescribed, even if your eyes don't need vision correction.

You also need to clean and disinfect them like any other contact lens, and you must never share or swap your costume contacts with anybody. An eye infection caused by improper use can lead to blindness. For contact lens cleaning, you should use a good contact lens cleaner and store them in a contact lens case. Contact lens problems are not myths. So, better watch out for contact lenses dry eyes.