Cosmetic Contact Lens

Get Free Color Contact Lenses, better go for branded ones!

If you are wondering how it is possible to get the color contact lenses for free of cost, you should know that you can get them on trial basis. That is why they are called free contact lenses. Now you have to look the avenues as to where and how you can get this free pair of contact lens. Since there is a lot of competition in the market and more and more manufacturers and companies are coming up with different plans and freebies almost daily, it is possible you can get these absolutely free.

To get these lenses free of cost, you have to make some enquiries like surfing on the internet, go through the national dailies for advertisements etc. Since there is a lot of competition in the market these days, the manufacturers of contact lenses may give you a free trial of contact lenses. They are always in the anticipation that once the customer likes the pair of contact lens, he may also go for the purchase and they want the customer to stick to their brand of contact lens. The branded contact lenses which you can get free from the market these days are acuvue 2 and freshlook color lenses. You can also get free color contact lenses online, though, this does not sound to be a simple process. As you know, all color and special effect lenses are medical devices, you cannot order the pair for trial online without the prescription of the doctor.

Alternatively, you can get a free pair of contact lens after going to the official website of the manufacturer of the contact lens. Go to the link that states ---try for free.  After clicking the link, there will appear a form which needs to be filled-in. The company will in turn mail you a certificate on your email and then you require to take a printout of the same and show it to doctor. He will later provide you the free lens. The doctor will give you the free prescription as well.

After the doctor receives the certificates from manufacturer, your job gets done easily. You can also have two certificates for two different brands and can get two pairs of contact lenses from the doctor. It will be better for you in case you get a popular brand and the branded ones can be ordered from online contact lens shops.