Cosmetic Contact Lens

Get Trendy With Hand Painted Contact Lenses

Hand painted contact lenses originated in Israel. Hand painting of soft contact lenses or soflens for both the medical and movie FX business, is a flourishing business. You can have a pair of hand painted lens on order as it will be custom made for you. These lenses are able to cosmetically mask damaged eyes, and strabismus. Hand painted glasses have a wide use with ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians from all over the world for a wide range of optical problems.

Hand pained contact lenses are also used in the movie, advertising and music industries. Movies such as X-Men, Wolf, Lord Of The Rings series use these cosmetic contact lenses/ black contact lens. Hand-painted, custom-made costume lenses could cost a few hundreds of dollars. Particularly expensive are scleral costume lenses, which cover not only your pupil and iris, but the entire visible area of your eye. Also, custom contact lens are usually painted to order, so you would need to order them several weeks in advance.

The great benefit of hand painted cosmetic contact lense is that it can cosmetically change the appearance of damaged eyes, provide natural iris depth, and offer the most accurate color matching. The benefits of hand painted iris designs are profound. In many cases, individuals who would be considered disfigured are allowed to lead normal active lives by cosmetically removing the stigma associated with their ocular problems.

Caring for your hand painted contact lenses is very easy. All you need is a no-rub multipurpose solution/ contact lens cleaner, a pair of plastic tweezers and a contact lens case. You can get it all from any chemist shop. Now how to proceed. First of all, always wash your hands with soap before handling contact lenses. Secondly, pick up the lens gently with tweezers (be careful not to tear it), place it on your fingertip and rinse it with a no-rub contact lens solution and put it in your eyes. After the contact lens removal, give them another rinse and place them in the contact lens case with fresh solution, until the next time you use them, they become ready made implantable contact lens. If you are not planning to wear your lenses for several weeks, it is recommended that you change the solution and rinse them once a week.