Cosmetic Contact Lens

Give Color To Your Eyes With Contact Lenses

Gone are the days when vision problems meant wearing glasses and being called names like “four eyes” in the classroom. Today, many use glasses as a fashion statement, even if the do not have vision issues. Others avoid glasses altogether by wearing contact lenses. Now, contact lenses have become appearance enhancers as well. With the color contact lens, you can alter your facial appearance while correcting your vision.

Before becoming mainstream the color contact lens was used as a costuming device for movies, television shows, and theatrical productions. Costume lenses are now available as novelty items. A theatrical color contact lens can be used to transform your eyes into those of a demonic horror movie character for a Halloween costume or give your eyes a strange brilliance if you’re going to that theme party dressed as a creature from outer space.

These types of lenses come in both enhancement and color tint varieties. As the name indicates, the enhancement type highlights rather than changes the color of your eyes. Those who seek to radically alter their eye color will choose the color tint variety of color contact lens. Those who have natural dark eyes will need to use a color tint lens to alter their appearance. These lenses can give you a bold and dramatic change in your appearance.

Some people have sought out contact lenses even though they do not need them to correct vision problems. The color contact lens has led some who wish to experiment with different eye colors to try to get contact lenses without a prescription.

However, is critical to seek out the advice of an eye care professional and get a prescription before using them. It is like any other type of lens and used improperly can lead to vision issues or perhaps even blindness. Even when used as a cosmetic enhancement only, they should be treated with the same respect and care as any other type of medical aid.

Like other types of contact lenses, they should be cleaned regularly. The color contact lens should also be disinfected. Because of their appearance-changing quality, some people may be tempted to share. This should never be done.

When obtained with a prescription and cared for according the instructions of an eye care professional, the color contact lens can be a fun way to alter your appearance, whether used for vision correction or cosmetic purposes. You might be surprised by how much eye color can change your appearance.