Cosmetic Contact Lens

Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses!

“Glow in the dark” contact lenses as the name itself suggests are contact lenses which glow in darkness. These are the special effects lenses, generally used for creating special effects like generating a crazy, spooky or scary look. These contact lenses use a luminous material on the surface which makes them radiate in the dark.

Traditionally these glow in the dark contact lenses were used to create a scary look especially in movies, television or theatre. They were used to create special effects for horror films or scenes. Lately these lenses have become the latest craze and are used to make a fashion statement.

Now, these lenses are used for costume or rave parties. They may even be used to create a spooky look for occasions like the Halloween festival. Youngsters may wear them merely for standing apart and attracting attention.

The glow in the dark contact lenses may be obtained from contact lens showrooms or from online manufacturers and sellers. These contacts may be bought with or without a prescription. However, it is better to buy with a valid prescription. The wearer must see an ophthalmologist and get his/her eyes examined before actually buying the lenses.

It should always be kept in mind that lenses purchased without prescription may not be safe and may cause harm to the eyes. They must be properly fitted and comfortable to the user. Improperly fitted lenses can cause swelling, pain, infections or loss of clear vision.

One must not swim or bathe wearing glow in the dark contact lenses. These lenses should never be shared as well. A proper cleansing routine must be followed to keep these contacts in good shape and condition.

These contact lenses are available in many designs such as red hot, white fire, blood red etc. They can also be custom made according to a design that the user may have in mind. These are essentially costume or cosmetic lenses. Some known manufacturers for these special effects lenses are Crazy Lenses and Wild Eyes.

Usually these lenses are zero powered meant for only cosmetic purposes. They are often used to create a weird and unusual look. Though meant for only temporary use, with proper care, they can be used comfortably even for a considerable length of time.