Cosmetic Contact Lens

Red Contact Lenses- the All Time Halloween Favorites

Come Halloween and red contact lenses are the flavor of the season. Whether you want an angel like look or you are planning to look more horrific, these red contact lenses are a great option. Here are some of the hot favorites in red contact lenses this season.

Vampire red - If you want to wear red contact lenses but do not want to experiment much then this one is the perfect option. These are simple red contact lenses with a transparent center. You can match them with any outfit.

Angelic red - These are again basic contact lenses but with a slight twist. They are simple red contact lenses with a black outline. So they neither look too dramatic nor too basic.

Red cat eyes - This one again is not too experimental. These are simple red contact lenses with a black oval in center. You could team them up with a nice red outfit for maximum effect.

Dracul - If you want a rather demonic look then these contact lenses are the way to go. These contact lenses not just cover the pupil but the white portion of the eyes. While the pupil is covered with red color, the white portion of the eyes is covered with a black color.

Black gate orc - This one is quite similar to the angelic red contact lenses. The only difference is that they have slight strokes of pale yellow color in the center. If you want a more fun look then these are a great option.

Tempest - If you want to create a blood feel then there is nothing better than the tempest contact lenses. These red contact lenses have a black outline and have black current like lines arising from the iris.

Ichimaru - These contact lenses are the perfect option if you want a more fun look. This red contact lens comprises of three different colored concentric circles. The outermost circle comprises of a flamboyant red color while the innermost circle is transparent which shows the lack color of the iris. The circle in the middle is deep maroon in color.

K hatake - If you want a vampire look, the K hatake contact lenses are a great choice. These contact lenses are red in color with a black outline. It features small black stripes in the center which lend a more dramatic feel to the lenses.

Mix and match any of these red contact lenses with your outfit and you are sure to create a striking appearance. So, go ahead and make your pick now.