Cosmetic Contact Lens

Having Fun with Fun Contact Lenses

Fun contact lenses are the latest trend and have recently become very popular.  Most of the theme parties that take place nowadays are incomplete without people wearing all types of fun contact lenses. Fun contact lenses are available in a lot of crazy colors and styles and that is why they are also known as crazy contact lenses. These lenses come in endearing and unusual shades that transform the way a person looks. Some of these lenses are made to resemble the eyes of wild animals and can be scary and funny.

Funny contact lenses can be made to resemble the eyes of a jaguar or can have Zebra like stripes. It is not very surprising that such contact lenses are a rage at theme parties and during Halloween. Such contact lenses are also known as Hypnotica contact Lenses and these may be available with or without vision correction.

Such crazy cosmetic colored contact lenses are offered by all leading contact lens manufacturers. Usually these lenses are disposable and should be worn for at the most a couple of weeks. In case, you wear a pair of disposable lenses for a period longer than recommended then your eyesight may be adversely affected.

Funny contact lenses are regularly used in movies meant for children and theater. Customized contact lenses are created to give actors a specific type of look and personality.

Two of the best-known brands of contact lenses are Wildeyes by CibaVision and Acuvue 2 by Johnson and Johnson. There are other brands besides these two. All popular brands usually give out contact lenses on a trial basis as a means of promoting the brand.

You should read the instructions carefully when wearing, removing and storing your contact lenses. The market leaders in contact lenses invest a significant amount of money in research and development and in finding out how to make lenses more comfortable and durable. Never buy a cheap brand as you may land up using a brand that has adverse effects on your eyes.