Cosmetic Contact Lens

Know About Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

In this era of fashion, any eye make-up is bound to look dull before colored contact lenses. With their different styles and format, they allow you to change the color of your eye. These are also good for Halloween, theatrical, and novelty uses. When being used for cosmetic purpose, colored Halloween contact lenses exhibit special effects. They help enhance the look of your costume. If you are dressing as a black cat, cat eye designs could be a better option for you.

There are two types of colored Halloween contact lenses, namely, round and scleral. Scleral types cover the whole vision portion of your eye and do not leave the white portion. The other ones are the semi-scleral lenses which are larger than the round ones.

If you are new to colored contact lenses, it will be better if you use the round ones. The reason being it is not easy to use Scleral lenses. Sometimes, it is also not comfortable to wear them. Scleral lenses are also very expensive. Generally, they start at $200 (per lens). Semi-scleral lenses can be a good choice as they do not cost as much as scleral lenses.

With the use of colored Halloween contact lenses, you can hide the natural color of your eyes. They are equally good for both, light and dark eyes. They have a transparent center, so that you can see. Some of the Halloween contact lenses, like Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses, have corrective powers as well, which help you correct your vision. Nowadays Zero power (Plano) lenses are also available in the market.

Cat eye, red hot, Alien (green with a black spaceship), blackout and whiteout, Hypnotica (black with a white spiral), wolf eyes, black spiral and bloodshot (white with red blood vessels) are some of the most popular Halloween Contact lenses.

If Halloween lenses are not inserted properly, they may cause infections to the eye. Like other contact lenses, they also require cleaning. They are as safe as other contact lenses, though for safety you should not handover your contact lens to any other person.