Cosmetic Contact Lens

Looking at Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses are specially designed contact lenses. These lenses produce special effects and are worn only on particular occasions. The good thing about these lenses  is that they are available with or without  prescriptive correction. If you buy a pair with  vision correction it will serve the purposes of correcting your vision as well as providing special effects.
If you are a theatre personality there are varieties of theatrical lenses. The type of theatrical lenses depends on the costume you are supposed to wear. Suppose you have to wear the costume of a cat the color of the contact lens should be black. It will suit the design of the costume. This way you can select the type of  theatrical lens you want.

Theatrical contact lenses are designed for fun. But at the same time this type of lens is a therapeutic device. It is essential to obtain a prescription from a doctor in case you want to purchase a pair. These lenses are not without risks. Like other lenses these lenses can also cause eye infections. In order to avoid any trouble you need to see a doctor to check whether your theatrical lenses are  well fitted or not.

Moreover you should always keep them  clean and disinfected. Never lend the lens to anyone else. Never borrow a pair of lenses from any one else. Either of the two actions can be a cause  of infections and complications.

To have a safe experiences always contact a good, reliable and authorized resource.  Do not buy your theatrical contact lens from the shop which does not ask for a valid prescription from a doctor.

Make sure you are buying a brand which is FDA approved. There are many shops in the American market which sell unsafe contact lenses even though the practice is illegal. Even if the lens is FDA approved, without a doctor’s prescription you may run the risk of buying an ill fitting pair. Try to know the tips to take care of your contact lens and don’t wear these lenses when you are sleeping.