Cosmetic Contact Lens

Do Make Up And Contact Lens Go Hand In Hand

There's no doubt that people prefer contact lenses than glasses as they look better with them. This selection is simply based on the appearance factor. However, people are often afraid of using cosmetics along with contacts. There is a general notion that both of them do not go hand in hand.

Well, the good news for all the contact lens users is that both makeup and contact lens can gel together safely and effectively. Follow these simple guidelines for proper use of both makeup and lenses and see the results yourself:

A) Always apply cosmetics after inserting soft lenses.
B) Always remove lenses before removing makeup.
C) Use cosmetics labeled as ''hypoallergenic'' if you use contact lenses.
D) Prefer using water soluble cosmetics.
E) Use softer pencil eyeliners to avoid flaking.
F) Avoid using unknown brands.
G) Prefer using water based or water resistant mascara.
H) Apply any aerosol products like hairspray, cologne or deodorant before inserting lenses.
I) Replace all the makeup products and brushes every three months.
J) Avoid applying eye makeup when you are in motion.
K) Never use water or saliva to lubricate cosmetics.
L) Never apply cosmetics if your eyes are red, infected or swollen.
M) Avoid sharing cosmetics or applicator brushes.
N) Avoid creamy or oily makeup removers.
O)Blink your eyes frequently while under a hair dryer to keep your eyes from getting too dry
P) Always keep false eyelash cement, nail polish, perfume away from the lenses as they damage the plastic.
Q) Avoid using creamy makeup as they tend to leave a film on your lenses.

Just by following these simple guidelines, you can use makeup and contact lenses simultaneously, ensuring safety and proper hygiene.