Cosmetic Contact Lens

Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses- See if they fit properly!

There are several types of contact lenses available in the market and one of the most popular is the mirror tinted contact lens. These lenses are manufactured with dye incorporated into the lens material. The dye sets off the same hue and tint of the color used on the material. Some of these contact lenses change the eye color completely while others create an entirely different look. These lenses come in three categories including visibility tinted contacts, color enhancement lens and opaque contact lenses. The mirror tinted lenses can be further classified into opaque and visibility tinted categories.

The mirror tinted contact lenses are a form of cosmetic contact lenses and are a byproduct of the legendary mirror tinted shielding sunglasses. Therefore, the contacts featuring mirror tints works similarly to mirror tinted contact lens and allows wearers to emit reflections back to the object they are visualizing. These lenses serve as visual reflectors and exhibit everything the wearer sees to the person looking into their eyes. These lenses are extensively used by the people who are in glamour world and don't require corrective contact lenses. Also these lenses are available with or without a physician approved prescription.

The lenses come with several designs including the red stripes and blue starts of the US flag, ghoul eyes, black mirrored etc these lenses are extensively used by those who are in show business or in the field of entertainment, theater and of course, special effects.

The mirror tinted lens fits directly over the pupil where the colored iris is covered and the pupil is exposed for sight and that is how tinted contact wearers see. Therefore, the mirror tinted contact lenses can be categorized as a part of the opaque optical tinted eye wear. Mirror tinted contact lenses can change the eye color much like the opaque contact lenses and are generally offered in solid colors. They are used as therapeutic contacts as a replacement for post vision therapy eye patching.

As long as the mirror tinted contact lenses are clear and fitted properly, the wearer can maintain his vision clarity. Contact lenses which do not fit properly can lead to certain eye complications as well as eye infection.