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The Most Popular Halloween Contacts For 2009

With Halloween around the corner, it is time to explore your dramatic side. While thespian and weird costumes may give you the Halloween feel, there is something more that you need, to be in perfect sync with the event. And, they are Halloween contact lenses. Available in all dramatic or rather scary shades, these contact lenses are the perfect thing to get into the feel of the festival.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular Halloween contacts for the season.

Rave yellow - A rather funky yet sordid color, this one reflects a fluorescent shade when applied. While the entire pupil gets a fluorescent yellow color, the iris retains its original color. This one is a great option if you are wearing a bright or a funky colored outfit.

Manson - This is another great choice in Halloween contacts for the season. A complete white colored lens with a black outline, this one is the perfect choice for those who do not want to experiment much. Mix and match with a simple black or white colored outfit.

Vampire Red - This is the hottest choice in Halloween contact lenses. The same lenses were seen on pop sensation Miley Cyrus in one of the Hannah Montana episodes. Wear them for a vampire effect.

Angelic Red - These contact lenses are a follow up of the vampire red lenses but with a twist. They are also red contact lenses but with black outlines. These contact lenses go well with red costumes. You could even wear them with a black outfit for a bloodier feel.

Banshee - A very over the top Halloween contact lens. Go in for this one only if you want to experiment. This contact lens has concentric layers in different colors. It has orange in the outermost layer, yellow in the middle layer and black in the center.

Temptress - As the name suggests, this one is a great choice for females. In dark fuchsia color, this one goes well with more feminine costumes. It also has a slight design around the iris in pale pink.

Aura green - This one is the perfect choice if you want a rather seductive or sexy feel. With a black outline and a textured emerald green color, this contact lens is sure to make you look chic and wild at the same time.

Necromancer - If you want a vampire like or a demonic look, then go in for these contact lenses. This contact lens is black in a color and has a layer of dark purple around the iris.

You can create any kind of look you want - fun, wild, vampire, angelic or any other with these Halloween contact lenses. Go and choose the one that suits your look for the Halloween 2009.