Cosmetic Contact Lens

Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses: Beautiful Eyes For Everyone

You need not have bad vision in order to take advantage of those cool looking color contact lenses. There are special zero diopter colored contact lenses which are available to in the open market as well as online market. These lenses are known as non prescription color contact lenses because you do not need to have the prescription of an eye specialist to use them.

These lenses are gaining popularity because not only are they very attractive but they areĀ  available at attractive prices as well. You can get color contact lenses from various makers but Freshlook is one brand that stands apart from the plethora of competitors. These lenses are available in both powered variety and zero diopter variety. The zero diopter lenses are meant for people who have no vision problem but want to use the color lenses. The are available without any prescription.

The color contact lenses are designed to be very comfortable. They are made of special material which is friendly to your eyes. It is necessary to use the best quality color contact lenses because you can not take any risks where your eyes are at stake. The lenses are available in both the disposable type as well as extended wear type. While the disposable ones would have to be removed every time you sleep, the extended wear type lenses can be worn even while you go to sleep.

The non prescription colored contact lenses from Freshlook are available for a very low price of just $30 for a pair. If you want to buy more than a single pair it is recommended that you go for triple packages. If you buy three pairs, you can get two free pairs. Thus you get to save around $60. If you are unsure and are just beginning to use contacts, the company also gives a special lens for trying on before you take up the real lenses. This can be used for practicing the insertion and removal of lenses.

You can get any color of eyes by using non prescription color contact lenses but make sure that the color of your lens matches the complexion of your skin, color of your hair and actual color of your eyes.