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Pitch Black Mirrored Contact Lenses Are Causing A Stir In Hollywood ?

With the contact lenses becoming a fashion statement of late, a lot of varieties are available in the market. Of the many different and unique contact lenses available, the pitch black mirrored are one of the most popular contact lenses. These lenses are largely used by youngsters as well as people with a little bit of eccentricity. These lenses are considerably famous in Hollywood but they are also used as street wear in the United States. These illusionist creations are typically to garner attention and are used by people frequently.

Although the aim of these contact lenses is not to correct people’s vision, they are instead popular for their theatrical of special effects.
In fact, people with these contact lenses often have not much use of them. However, a prescription is required when purchasing these lenses which are otherwise, considered to be a medical tool.

Though youngsters are usually not getting closer with these lenses which are not meant to correct their eyesight, they will be drawn to them because of their “horror” quotient. This maybe a passing trend but for now, these contact lenses are selling out like hot cakes.

Although in most cases, optometrists are against encouraging children to have these contact lenses, many of the optometrists have written prescriptions for non corrective lenses as the eye examination is a part of the annual medical examinations. This makes the possession of the prescription even easier for the youngsters. Non prescription sale of these lenses are, however, deemed illegal since there is a very real possibility of getting eye damage due to improper fitting.

A lot of reputed contact lens brands are in the market including CIBA vision and Crazy eyes from Cooper Vision. For these types of contact lenses, they have very apt brand names such as Wild eyes or crazy eyes.
The popularity of the pitch black mirrored contact lenses is due to the theatrical makeup used by Hollywood stars in their scary movie roles and the young people get inspiration from these movies and they look up to their favorite stars and want to emulate them.

Once you have got the lenses, make sure that they are well maintained with regular cleaning. If the safety and medical guidelines are followed properly, you need not worry about using the lenses at all. And the look you get from them is worth the maintenance of the lens.