Cosmetic Contact Lens

Reformat It- Color contact lenses

Eyes are the gift of the almighty. All joys of the world, beauty, love, happiness all become real through the sense of perception. To make life better in modern times contact lenses are being used as an aid to sight. To add to it, we now have the color contact lenses available. Colored contact lenses can be chiefly classified into four categories.

1. visibility tints

2. enhancement tints

3. color tints

4. light filtering tints

In the modern day world, colored contact lenses are being used by people for fashion, also there are other modifications for people suffering from astigmatism. They are also available in the need of by focal correction, disposable or frequent replacement needs.

Visibility tints: light blue or green tint is imparted to a lens which aids an individual to see it during installation and removal. Light tint is not harmful to the eye.

Enhancement tints: it is solid and translucent, slightly darker and is not harmful for the eye. Enhances the color and beauty of the eye and is used by people having light color of the eyes. It makes their eyes look more intensified.

Color tint: these are deeper and opaque tints, which can give dramatic definitions to ones eye color. People with dark eyes are recommended the use of color tints. They help change eye color temporarily. Color contacts lenses are available in various colors ranging from green to grey.

Light filtering tints: they are a new age revolution. They are used by sports persons and people who require a better vision in a hazy background. It aids the sportspersons by providing them a better view against the background. Example, the color of a tennis ball appears greener and there is a better view that a player gets.

With the advancement in technology, as far as color contact lenses are concerned the manufacturing companies have started providing lenses which almost depict the natural eye. Color contact lenses have struck the world with a huge force and this can be deciphered from the growing popularity of these lenses in the various segments of life.