Cosmetic Contact Lens

Special Effect Colored Contacts

Special effect colored contact lenses are a very popular fashion accessory.  Fashion and style is ever changing and it took very little time for fashion to come into eyewear. Style has taken over every thing that we wear and everything that we do. It is not surprising that contact lenses are being used to make a fashion statement.

A new type of special effect colored contacts lenses that recently have become popular are crazy contact lenses. These contact lenses have multiple color effects. Two interesting types of special effect lenses are lens make your eye completely black and completely white. The effect is dramatic and scary to say the least. These lenses are used in Hollywood movies to give the characters an eerie look.

You can have fun with special effect contact lenses at theme parties or you can wear a pair just for the kicks. Before you buy a pair of special effect contact lenses, go through the online catalogs of various manufacturers. There is a wide variety from which you can choose. From lenses that make your eyes totally white or black, to lenses that have funky zebra or cats eye designs, you may have just about any design imaginable.

There is one word of caution for contact lens users. If you want to wear special effect lenses, then do not go in for the cheaper variety. Cheap special effect lenses may have a negative impact on your eyes. Either it may be a power less lens just to give you a better look or it could be even used to serve twin purpose of improving vision as well as improving looks.

Check with your eye care specialist before wearing a pair of special effect lenses. Your doctor will diagnose your eyes and determine whether such a pair of lens is suitable for you or not.