Cosmetic Contact Lens

Special Fx Contact Lenses

Special FX contact lenses are hand painted contact lenses. They are manufactured only on special order by customers. These are  colored lenses used in theatrical purpose.

It takes time to prepare a special FX contact lens. It is not as if  you order a lens of this type and get it within hours. It may take up to a week or more to prepare such a lens. The lenses are hand painted. That is one of the reasons that it takes such a long time for these lenses to be delivered.

The kind and quality of this lens depends on your choice and the amount of money you can spend.  These lenses may not be suitable for everybody, and it is always advised that you consult a doctor before deciding to use a pair.

This type of lens has its own risks. You can order for a pair only after a proper prescription. Wearing these lenses without any prescription may cause harm to your eyes. Moreover it needs proper care and handling. If you are not aware of how to handle such lenses then you may be prone to eye complications.

This kind of lens should not be shared with friends or other people. It should be properly cleaned and safely stored otherwise the luster of the lens can be spoilt.

There is no guarantee on the amount of time that these lenses will retain their color. You cannot ensure that the color will stay for a particular period of time. That way, the lenses may be very costly.

The  designs of this kind of lenses are prescribed and the manufacturers follow the prescription. There are various sites offering this special contact lens at cheaper rates but you have to be careful about the quality and the professional service given by the shop. And last but not the list if you have conjunctivitis, you are strictly prohibited to use the special FX contact lenses.