Cosmetic Contact Lens

Take Care Of Your Non-Prescribed Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are cool to wear, even if you don’t need them to correct vision problems. You can change your eye color anytime you want. If you want to buy a pair of non prescription contact lenses you’ll need to know a few facts about how to care for them, and when to wear the lenses that you’ve bought. There are risks, so know the facts on how to wear them and take care of them. Losing your eyesight is not worth it over wearing non prescription contact lenses.

They can be bought over the Internet, or in a eyewear store. When you get your first set of lenses wear them on a timed schedule to get used to them. Your eyes will need an adjustment period. You might experience a little reaction to light, and at times there might be some redness to develop. Remember, if there is any continual drainage you’ll need to remove them immediately. Instructions will be included on how long to keep the non prescription contact lenses in.

A word of warning is to never share them with anyone else. Serious infection can develop, and you don’t want disease spread into your precious eyes. Cleaning is serious business even if you haven’t shared your non prescription contact lenses. Every time you remove them, clean them with your cleaning solution. Before you clean them though, wash your hands with a lint free towel. You don’t want to stick material of any kind to your non prescription contact lenses, and then in your eye.

No matter how clean you are there are more rules about cleanliness. Don’t sleep in them, and if you’re a woman watch cosmetic application. Never apply make up and then put your non prescription contact lenses in your eye. Also, don’t wear oil based cosmetics because the oil can transfer from your hand to eye, which will destroy your lenses. If you go swimming take them out because the chemicals in a pool are rough on non prescription contact lenses.

It might be hard to believe, but there are more rules about hygiene. All types of chemicals in creams, lotions and acne solutions shouldn’t be placed too close to your eyes when wearing your non prescription contact lenses. Hair sprays are a real problem because of the sticky solution that keeps your hair in place. Switch to a mousse for hair control, and you’ll be safer when using the lenses. Always clean your non prescription contact lenses by soaking 2 times per week for a couple of hours.

The type that you buy is rated for a generalized use of time. Extended wear can last with extreme proper care techniques for 8-9 months although some are designed for short term use of only 45 days. Don’t ever overuse them. Take care of your new eyes, and if you do you’ll have the option to change color with other non prescription contact lenses, it’s worth it.