Cosmetic Contact Lens

Tips for Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

Contact lenses were until not too long ago just a visual aid. People in the recent past have started to use non-corrective contact lenses to change the way they look. Colored contact lenses are very popular as a fashion accessory and the demand for such lenses goes up, especially during Halloween.

There are numerous types of non-corrective contacts such as theatrical lenses, colored lenses, special effect lenses and tint lenses. All of these are basically cosmetic lenses. Another very special type of cosmetic lens is the glow in the dark cosmetic lens. These lenses glow in the dark and give you that eerie look.

A great hit with Halloween partygoers, this type of contact lens is available in red, green, violet, blue and other colors.

A few tips that will help you to use these lenses in the right way and make sure that you enjoy your experience with using these lenses, are given below.

Make sure that, as with all other types of contacts, you wash your hands very well before you handle these lenses. Most eye infections that come from contact lenses take place because of dirty hands that are used to take off or put on contacts. Use the recommended procedure to rinse, clean and disinfect the lenses.

Before you purchase a pair of glow in the dark lenses, check with your optometrist to make sure that you will be able to wear them without any complications like blurry vision.

Buy a brand that is reputed. A reputed brand is more likely to use substances to make your lens glow in the dark that are approved by the FDA. Do not buy a cheap brand just to save money. Using a cheap pair may have undesired consequences for your eyes.