Cosmetic Contact Lens

Some Useful Tips For Contact Lens Users

The safety of your contact lens is very essential as it is worn directly over your eye. It is important to have a healthier cornea as it is the clear front covering of the eye. An unhealthy cornea would result in abnormal growth of blood vessels. Therefore, cornea health is significant in people who wear contact lenses. In addition to the cornea health, other safety measures related to the use of contact lens are also equally important. Well, you need not worry much as some simple safety tips can come to your rescue. These are:

A) Visit your doctor for a complete eye examination every 12 months or more frequently as told by him.
B) Use only FDA approved contact lenses and those prescribed by a licensed eye care practitioner.
C) Never swap your contact lenses with anybody else.
D) Throw away disposable lenses after recommended wearing period is over.
E) Avoid using colored, novelty or ''decorative'' lenses unless prescribed by your doctor as they reduce the ability of oxygen to reach the cornea.
F) Don't use contact lenses overnight as it would result in corneal ulcers.
G) Store and clean your contacts in proper commercially prepared sterile solutions.
H) Don't put lenses in your mouth.
I) Always use fresh solutions in your lens case when disinfecting your lenses.
J) Use only approved contact lens solutions for wetting your lenses.
K) Contact lenses wear out with time and should be replaced regularly. Call your doctor if your eyes become red, painful or irritated.

Follow these safety tips which would ensure proper lens care and management to avoid any kind of problem. All these would enable the user to use the contact lens properly, safely and effectively.