Cosmetic Contact Lens

Know About The Types Of Colored Contacts

Color lenses are to a very large extent responsible for the huge popularity of the contact lenses as they can also be worn by people who have great eyesight. Many people wear them to correct their vision and others wear them just to change the color of their eyes to look attractive and make a style statement of their own. These contact lenses are no way different from the normal corrective lenses but they come with an added attraction of a changed color. Due to their large popularity they are available in various varieties and types thus providing the users an option of choice. Some of the important types of colored lenses are:

A) Visibility tints: A visibility tint is a very light tint, usually a light blue or green tint. This tint is added to the lens to help you see it better while inserting and removing or in case you drop it somewhere. It also does not affect your eye color and is usually meant for convenience than for changing the eye color.

B) Enhancement tints: An enhancement tint is a solid but translucent tint usually darker than the visibility tint. The ultimate aim of enhancement tint is to enhance the existing color of your eyes. People with light colored eyes should use these enhancement tints for making their eye color more intense. For example, a person with blue eyes can use these tints to generate an aqua effect in the eyes.

C) Opaque tints: These tints can drastically change your eye color. These are made of patterns of solid colors and are available in a wide variety of colors like green, blue, hazel, violet and gray. Opaque lenses are not transparent so whether you have light or dark eyes, they completely replace the natural color of your eyes with the color of the lens. These can be fun to play with as you can turn your blue eyes to green or to any other color you like.

D) Light-filtering tints: Light filtering tints are the most recent advancement in the world of contact lenses. They are specially designed for sports use by muting some colors, they enhance specific colors like the color of tennis and soft balls. Due to this the ball stands out against the background which makes it easy to target.

So, these are the important types of colored lenses which can be used to enhance the existing color of your eyes. Lot of these colored lenses are available in plano form i.e. without any visual correction.