Cosmetic Contact Lens

What You Need To Do Before You Get Non Rx Colored Contacts

Many people are in great love with  colored contact lenses. These people want to change the appearance of their eyes, and have either dark or light colored eyes. With colored contact lenses, changing the way that our eyes look is very easy.
People that use the colored contact lenses use them to enhance their looks. These people believe in the latest trends and are fashionable. They   have become style icons for many enthusiasts. It is not necessary that you should have poor eyesight to have color contacts. You can also get non RX colored contacts lenses.

The RX color contacts resemble the regular prescription contacts. The main difference between them and the regular prescription contacts is that these contacts do not have prescription written on them. These contact lenses are used simply to change the color of your eyes. These contact lenses do not offer any correction in the vision of a person. It is very important to consult an eye specialist who can fit the non RX color contact lens into your eyes in a proper way.

Consulting a doctor is a must even if the contacts that you are using are non prescription contacts. There are also RX contacts. These contacts have a prescription. These contact lenses improve the color of your eye apart from correcting the vision. It is very important for you to have the RX contacts fitted into your eyes. Prior examination of the eye by the eye surgeon is a must. It becomes very important to get the right prescription. Right prescription will correct your vision in a highly accurate way.

There is one drawback involved with the RX contact lenses. They are expensive, because they correct your vision and change the color of your eyes. There are many brands of Non RX contact lenses in the market today. Acuvue, Durasoft and Freshlook are popular brands.