Custom Contact Lens

Costume Contact Lenses To Obtain A Striking Look

In a number of movies you would have seen that actors change the color of their eyes in accordance to the color of costumes they wear. This is possible because of a special type of contact lenses known as the costume contact lenses. They are especially popular in movies where a lot of special effects are used. Remember Darth Maul's eyes, they were nothing but a usage of costume contact lenses by Ray Park.

The costume contact lenses are no longer a domain of movie and theater artists only. Anyone who wants to create a dramatic look from his eyes can use the costume contact lenses as they are easily available in the market. You can purchase them with confidence. They would not have any harmful effect on your eyes. While most people think that costume contact lenses are only meant to be used on Halloween, you can even wear them to office or college and make heads turn.

Two of the most popular costume contact lenses are available from Cooper Vision and CibaVision. Cooper sells the costume contact lenses under the Crazy Vision brand and CibaVision sells them under WildEyes brand. The lenses from either are available in very attractive designs and they are priced at very affordable rates. These lenses are made from special non toxic colors so your eyes shall not get damaged even if you use them for prolonged periods (though it is not recommended).

While there are some cheap costume contact lenses which can be found from a number of online stores, please note that these lenses might not be made of non toxic material. Prolonged use of such low quality lenses shall lead to irritation in eyes, dry eyes and in extreme cases even deterioration of vision. It is therefore recommended that you use high quality costume contact lenses because even though they may be comparatively expensive, money is not worth more than eyes.

Remember that you must not use color contact lenses without consulting an optician as well as your eye specialist first. You are wearing the costume contact lenses to enhance the look of your eyes, not to ruin your eyes.