Custom Contact Lens

Halloween Contact Lenses - It is Party Time!

If you want to be the center of attraction in a party, you go in the best of your outfit. And when you want to match your outfit with the eyes, it would be all the more amazing. For this purpose, a lot of people use Halloween costume lenses. They get the best looking costume lenses in a very low price. In case you have planned the proper costume for a party, the next step is to have Halloween contact lenses. You can browse the website to get the popular choices.

The popular collection of Halloween contact lenses is crazy lenses by cooper vision. Another collection is wild eyes by ciba vision. Both these brands are of superior quality. However, the favorite ones in wild eyes lenses are alien, black out/white out, hypnotica, cat eye, ice fire and red hot. The favorites in crazy lenses are black, white and red spiral, whiteout, wolf, fire and bloodshot. You can also access to various individual artists on the internet.

When it comes to the price, you can get a beautiful pair of Halloween contact lenses at forty dollars. However, the Crazy and wild eye lenses are a little cheaper. In case you order these Halloween contact eye lenses online, you can save a little bit more money.  The hand made or custom made contact lenses are costlier which starts above one hundred dollar. One range called scleral costume lenses which are expensive, however, they come with the distinction of covering the entire visibility area of your eye. You also need to order custom made lenses many weeks in advance.

As for maintenance, you need to care for the Halloween contact lenses like any other contact lens. You need a no rub multipurpose solution along with a pair of tweezers and a contact lens case. All these may be available at the chemist shop. Ask for the multipurpose solution. At the time of purchase, keep in mind that the solution should be for soft contact lenses. In case you have several numbers of custom contact lenses, do keep them in their own cases putting some reference mark on each case. You should wash your hands with soap to handle these lenses.

Caution is very important in handling the Halloween contact lens. Take out the contact lens with tweezer and put them on your fingertips. Similarly, take lenses off and put them in the case after rinse. This will give the Halloween contact lenses a complete protection cover and your eyes will look beautiful over and over again.