Custom Contact Lens

Selection Of Best Color Contact Lenses Based On The Color Of Your Eyes

A number of people have started to use color contact lenses as a part of their usual fashion accessories. But, do you know that choosing the right color of color contact lenses is absolutely necessary because if you are unable to choose proper color of the contact lenses then everything you spen on them would be rendered as a waste. You can try combinations but make sure that they do not look too funky for eye colors.

If you just want to make your eyes look a little more brighter but do not want to go for a complete change in the color of your eyes then you have to use same color semitransparent or enhancement lenses. People who have light blue eyes can choose blue color contact or light green color contacts to create a dramatic aqua color effect in the eyes. For the people who have gray or blue gray eyes, a blue color contact lens pair can create a deep ocean color.

For the people who have brown colored eyes, you should know that none of the colors are going to have any effect on your eye color. You need to use opaque lenses as the brown color of your eyes would assimilate the lenses of semi transparent or enhancement variety.

If you want to change the color of your eyes completely your only option is to look for opaque lenses. These lenses are opaque on one side so the natural color of your eyes would be completely covered under the lens. When you are choosing to change the color of your eyes completely by using color compact lenses, it is recommended that you be careful about the color of your hair and the complexion of your skin. A mismatch in these three can ruin your looks.

For the people who have dark eyes and dark color, the options are to try blue color or amethyst. For the people with blue eyes, it is recommended to try honey colored contacts and for people with dark skin and brown eyes, green and blue colors can create dramatic effect.

Therefore, you have to be act a little choosy and precise while selecting colored contacts for yourself. Wrong choice would only leadto wastage of money without you having the desired effect. So, keep all the above stated points in mind and then go for colored contact lenses.

Colored contacts are meant to enhance the way you look and correct choice would further add to your beauty for sure!