Buying Contact Lens

All About Contact Lens

New contact lens users or those who are planning to buy a pair, have a lot of questions like, which is the best contact lens available? Aren't all contacts pretty much the same? How can I tell if I am using my lens properly and so on. In simple words, a contact lens (also known simply as a "contact") is a style and vision statement. Lens is at once corrective, cosmetic, or therapeutic. Lens is usually placed on the cornea of your eye. It serves the same corrective purpose as conventional glass, but is almost weightless and virtually invisible. Contact lens is also used for cosmetic purposes for deliberately altering the appearance of the eye. You can term contact lenses as a sort of medical device to correct your vision. There are different types of contact lens like bifocal contact lens, cosmetic contact lense, disposable contact lens, custom contact lens, hard contact lense, soflens and alike, which you can choose from.

The best thing about contact lenses is that they can correct nearly every eye condition like myopia, hyper metropia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and alike. Cataract lenses aid to cure cataract. A contact lens has several benefits:

1) Contacts provide for people leading active lifestyle close to natural vision without any side effects.

2) It provides excellent peripheral vision to people in sports and dance. Athletes find it more advantageous.

3) For those who find glasses to be cumbersome and awkward- contacts can provide ease, convenience and comfort.

4) Also, people having good vision can use contact lens for changing the color of their eyes in order to change their appearance and looks. Contacts can provide baby blues, gorgeous greens, heavenly hazels- and even patterns and designs.

5) Laser surgery is frightening for some people. Also, it is prohibitively expensive. For them, contacts provide a safe, comfortable and time-tested alternative.

Contact lens provide a safe and effective way to correct your vision, if handled with care and supervision. Contact lenses can be worn by almost everyone. Contact lens provide better vision when looking at odd angles as there are no frames to block side vision. That is why people engaged in activities like athletics and photography find contact lenses beneficial than conventional glasses. Contact lens can be soft or hard which can enhance or change the color of your eyes. Most contact lens are hydrophilic i.e. they are made of water.

If you have taken the decision to try them, you should visit an opthalomogist first for an eye exam to determine the exact condition of your eye and the appropriate requirement for a particular type of lens as a variety of contact lens are available in the market. Remember, if not used properly contact lens can be dangerous at times that can damage your eye. Also, the focus should not only lie on buying cheap contact lense, but the emphasis should be on buying quality contacts.