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Best Toric Contact Lens

There are different varieties of toric lenses nowadays and selecting the best toric contact lens is really difficult. Earlier, it was very difficult to fit soft contact lenses for astigmatism as every soflens was different. But with the technological improvement, now it is easy to fit soft contact lenses for astigmatic eyes. Soft toric contacts for astigmatism also provide the wearer, a crisper vision.

There is also a rigid gas permeable lens for astigmatism. There are two types of RGP lenses. One is the spherical rigid gas permeable lens and the other is the back toric RGP lens. People with low toricity in their corneas can use the spherical RGP lenses to treat astigmatism. On the other hand, people with large amount of toricity in their cornea, can use the back toric RGP lenses. RGP toric lenses are used because they can be accurately fitted to the cornea. They also do not move in the cornea as they retain their shape even with blinking and moving of the eye. That is why a small percentage of people with astigmatism prefer RGP lenses.

In spite of that, contact lens review suggests that the soft toric lenses for astigmatism are the most preferred ones. Soft contact lenses are very easy to maintain and one can easily adapt to such lenses. Soft contact lens cleaning requires you to use a proper contact lens cleaner and a good contact lens case which you should disinfect every week.

The latest in the toric contact lens is the daily disposable contact lens for astigmatism. Coming back to best toric contact lens, One of the best toric contact lenses is the Soflens 66 toric contact lens from Bausch & Lomb. This is an exceptional toric contact lens that provides clear vision and great comfort.