Buying Contact Lens

Buyer's Guide to Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses

Most common misconception about color contact lenses is that you need to have visual problems in order to use color contact lenses. This is far from true. There are a number of brands which make color contact lenses for people with no vision problems. These lenses are available without any prescription from an eye specialist in most cases. This article shall provide you information about buying the non nonprescription color contact lenses.

The tree most common non prescription color contact lenses are available under Freshlook, Durasoft Colors and Acuvue 2  Colors brands. Buying these lenses is very simple. Apart from this there are a number of other brands under which color contact lenses are available. It is recommended that whatever brand of color contact lenses you choose, you should read up reviews for these lenses as well as any other information available from different sources.

Another important thing you must know before you buy non prescription color contacts is that your skin complexion, the color of your hair and the actual color of your eyes have a great impact on your overall looks. You must only choose those shades of color contact lenses which do not create a striking contrast with the color of your hair and complexion of your skin. Similarly the color contact lenses which merge with the skin complexion are not advisable either.

For the people who have pale skins, it is advised that they have a look at dark and bright colored contact lenses. These lenses can add life to your face and make your eyes the focal point of your face. Similarly the people who have dark skin may consider light colors because these colors would give depth to their eyes. Please note that these recommendations are not exhaustive and you are always free to mix and match to find out what looks best especially when you are wearing bright colored outfits.

While not a prescription, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before you buy non prescription color contact lenses to find the correct shape and curve of your eyes and get lenses that fit properly.

Remember that when you place your order for non prescription color contact lenses, just specify 0 diopters as the power of lens.