Buying Contact Lens

Can I Buy Color Contact Lenses With No Prescription?

You should always buy color contact lens with a prescription from an eye specialist. But, if you want to buy one, without a prescription, you can get that too. Although it is a difficult job, surely you can find these lenses by putting in extra effort.

Many companies do not sell the color contacts without any prescription because of the safety issues. The color lenses are hand painted, and they should not come in direct contact with the eye. For this, it needs to be fitted properly, and that is why the doctor's prescription becomes necessary. This is the reason why many companies refuse to sell the color lenses without a prescription.

So, the only place where you can find these color lenses, with no prescription, is the Internet. You can find some online vendors who sell color lenses without prescription, as they consider it cosmetics and not medical devices. There are some sites that sell color lenses without a prescription. But, you have to ensure the reputation of the company from where you get color lenses. The safety of your eye depends upon the quality of the lenses.

These color lenses are available in many colors and are generally disposable. You are supposed to throw away the lenses after a certain period. These normally have a time period of 45 to 180 days.

But, the one thing you must keep in mind is the quality of the color contact lenses. These color lenses are hand painted, and the paint could be toxic for the eyes. That is why you have to ensure you buy the product only from a reputed vendor. Do not stake the quality of the lenses to get them at cheap rates. The reason being if these inferior quality lenses injure your eyes, you will regret your decision to buy the non-prescription color lenses.

So, you can buy color contact lenses with no prescription. But then the safety of your eyes lies in your own hands. Have fun with colored lenses, but not at the cost of your eyes, right?