Buying Contact Lens

Consult The Doctor Before Buying Contact Lens

Contact lenses are a medical solution and therefore should be worn under the supervision of your doctor, in absence of which they may lead to some problems. Always visit your doctor before you decide to wear the contact lenses for vision correction. Your doctor would first of all take your complete eye exam. However, before taking your eye exam your doctor may inquire about:

A) Your medical history
B) Your family history
C) Examples of eye problems in the past
D) Your lifestyle and environment

Check your vision
Then your doctor would examine your vision to check for the presence of any vision disorder. This includes:

A) Checking your eye movement, color blindness and peripheral vision.
B) A test called glaucoma as it is one of the leading causes of blindness in the U.S.
C) Analyzing the health of your optic nerve and the retina.

By employing a routine of regular eye exam, conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be treated. Your doctor may dilate your pupils to know the health of your eyes. These drops would make your eyes more sensitive to light, resulting in blurred vision for a short time.

You should use your contact lenses properly and carefully to avoid any complications which would require the consultation of the doctor. If while wearing the contact lenses some conditions are visualized then consult your doctor immediately. These conditions are:

A) Pain in your eye
B) When your eye remains red for more than two days
C) When you have a kind of discharge from your eye.
D) When you have a blurry vision.
E) When your eye feels scratchy.

So, all these are important symptoms which require a doctor's assistance, otherwise they could cause ill effects to your beautiful eyes. So, consult your doctor and if required he would prescribe you a pair of contact lenses that would help you overcome the vision problem that you have.

However, in case you want to wear colored contact lenses just to change or enhance the color of your eyes then you really don't need to consult your doctor. You could buy the colored contact lenses over the counter and use them to mark a style statement. However, if you have some eye problem already then it is advisable to consult your eyecare practitioner before you go on to wear any colored contact lenses.

It is always advisable  to wear quality colored contact lenses so that they may not lead to any problems at a later stage.