Buying Contact Lens

Contact cv Encore Lens Toric

Contact CV Encore lens toric is manufactured by Cooper Vision. In fact, recently, Cooper Vision has changed the name of contact CV Encore lens toric to Vertex toric. The performance of the lens remains excellent as always.

Contact CV Encore lens toric is one of the best toric lenses to treat astigmatism. The Encore toric lenses are developed using the UltraSync technology that makes it possible to wear the lenses properly in a comfortable manner. This lens is also very easy to maintain.

These toric daily disposable contact lenses will not change the color of your eye. There is a tint in the lens which makes it possible to locate the lens in the solution and maintain the lenses properly. The Encore toric lenses are used as prescription contact lenses by millions of customers all over the world. The material used in the lens is 45 % polymer (methafilcon) with 55 % of water (H2O).

The water content in the lens makes it possible for anyone to quickly adapt to the lens. These lenses are monthly disposable contact lenses to treat astigmatism.

This lens is designed while keeping in mind the people who suffer from astigmatism but want the convenience of disposable lenses. With its light blue tint, it is also easier for the wearer during insertion and contact lens removal. This lens is very stable and does not rotate. Contact lens cleaning for this disposable contact lens requires you to use a proper contact lens cleaner. A good contact lens case is also necessary which you should disinfect on a weekly basis.