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Are Continuous Wear Glasses A Correct Choice

Some people are reluctant to remove their lenses every now and then. If that is also the case with you then why not try your hands on the continuous wear lenses which give you the freedom from removal for up to 30 days. But, some serious conditions were visualized during their use like, infections and ulcers on the cornea and so they were immediately called off from the market place and were restricted for use.

Instead of these lenses people have started using regular or extended wear lenses. But, with the advancement of technology, the complications related to continuous wear lenses earlier have been overcome and now these type of lenses are safe to use. They only require normal lens care for their proper hygiene. The two manufacturers who have taken the approval of FDA for marketing continuous wear lenses in the United States are CIBAvision and Baush and Lomb.

These new generation continuous wear lenses are made from silicone hyrogel which helps in allowing more oxygen to reach the cornea thus decreasing the possibilities of any complications that had occurred in the past. It is still found that very few people use these types of lens. Only 67 % of patients wear them for 22 to 30 days on an average. However, these lenses provide comfort and convenience as it is good for people who are the strong candidates for surgical procedures.

No matter how safe these lenses have become but they still carry a slight risk of developing an eye disease or infection. According to a study conducted by Cibavision, about 5 % of 697 patients developed inflammation and deposits in the eye after using these lenses. So, along with the various benefits, they too bear some disadvantages and risk factors.