Buying Contact Lens

Want Free Colored Contact Lenses?

If you are longing for free colored contact lenses, you need not look very far. A number of leading contact lens manufacturers offer them as free trial pairs. The companies give away these lenses to create brand loyalty.

These free offers happen to be a successful marketing strategy on part of manufacturers to capture greater share of market by offering a few pairs of lenses for free. As this method exposes consumers to a particular brand, chances are that the consumers would like to make a repeat purchase when they require another pair.

There are a number of manufacturers that offer lenses free of cost. Fresh look offers its color lenses free of cost for a trial use. Johnson & Johnson- another leading manufacturer offers its leading brand of cosmetic contact lenses- Acuvue 2 Colors on a free trial basis.

Getting hold of a pair is not as easy as just walking into a drugstore and walking out with a free pair. Free contact lenses are provided only against a doctor's prescription. In other words, you should actually require a pair of contact lenses to get them for free.

The first thing you need to do to get a trial pair is to visit the official site of the manufacturer that is offering a pair of lenses for free. Click on the free trial option and fill the form. Once you fill up and submit the form, you will receive a letter from the company that will ask you to get a recommendation or a prescription from your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Take the letter and show it to your doctor.

Your doctor will provide you with a prescription that you can take along with the letter to a drugstore or any other place that provides you with a free pair of lenses.

If you wish to compare the lenses with that of another manufacturer, then you can take a pair of free lenses from another brand of your choice. There are a number of popular brands from which you can choose.

Make sure that you use the prescribed solutions and products to maintain your lenses. Follow the procedure to remove and reinsert your contact lenses. Read the manufacturer's documentation to make sure that you understand the instructions and the precautions rightly.

Thus, you could get a free pair of contact lenses from most of the popular manufacturers and compare their products. Availing the free contact lenses helps you make a better choice wherein you try out the various brands without spending a penny and then make your final choice.