Buying Contact Lens

Free Contact Lenses, but make sure they are safe!

Contact lenses are a great substitute for heavy glasses which make you look older than you actually are. These lenses can give your eyes a new look. Even though the traditional spectacles have evolved over the years to become more stylish and classier with new designs, especially in glass frames; most people are still leaning towards contact lenses. Let us find out the tips to look for the lenses that are available free of cost, though you have to make sure that they are safe for your health. Here we will discuss about lens costs and free contact lenses. And yes, they are available.

Contact lenses are typically much costlier than the regular spectacle which are usually a onetime investment. On the other hand, disposable or permanent contacts need to be changed, either daily or weekly or in a few months span. When it comes to their maintenance, contact lenses also require a lot of maintenance and must be cleaned daily with contact lens solution and also, the eyes must be protected from any possibility of dryness with the help of eye drops. Therefore, the entire contact lens package is much costlier than that of glasses.

To get these contact lenses free of cost, if will have to know where to look for them. Many hospitals and charity organizations setup free eye checkup campaigns where they hand out free contact lenses instead of regular glasses. Many of them also provide free eye checkups which are excluded from the cost of the lens. Some opticians even offer free eye contact lenses with paid checkups which also helps in reducing prices dramatically.

Sometimes, in order to gain popularity amongst the masses, ophthalmologists and optometrists team up with prestigious university bodies to conduct free eye check up campaigns. They either donate contact lenses to people who require them or sell the lenses at considerably discounted rates which make them more affordable for the people who come in for the checkups. In these campaigns, the physicians also educate the patient about the lens, the maintenance and the proper way to use them.

In most cases, the physicians who provide these lenses prefer to give permanent ones instead of the disposable ones as this helps the patient get used to the lenses for a period of time and then consider investing in the lenses in the near future. Therefore, free contact lenses are easily available and can help you with better vision as much as their paid counterparts do.