Buying Contact Lens

Free Trial color Contact Lenses

If you are a new user of colored contact lens or if you already wear contact lenses and wish to switch over to colored contact lenses, then you can get a free pair of colored contact lenses.
All leading manufacturers of colored contact lens offer free colored contact lens on a trial basis.

Free trial color contacts are offered by all leading manufacturers in order to increase their market share or gain good will of consumers. These free trial color contacts are very sought after by new users who are a bit apprehensive about using colored contact lenses. You can have these free trial color contacts through a number of ways. Eye hospitals, clinics or authorized company retailers can provide you with a free pair of colored contact lenses.

The procedure is very simple. All you need to do is to fill up an online form on the company’s website. The company will send you an email confirming your request. Just obtain an approval or a prescription from your eye doctor and you have a free pair of colored contacts. The free contact lenses that the manufacturers provide to you are disposable. If you like the lens and find that they are suitable for your eyes, you can go ahead and purchase them for yourself.

Acuvue 2 Colors and Freshlook color lenses are two of the leading brands that can be used on a trial basis. Since you have the opportunity to try on a pair of lenses before deciding on the brand that you wish to stick to, it makes sense to try on two or three brands before you finally make a decision.

It is equally important to learn how to maintain and clean your contact lenses. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove and insert your contact lenses. Cleaning, disinfecting and removing protein deposits from your contact lenses are very important as these activities will extend the life of your contacts and make your experience of wearing contact lenses comfortable.