Buying Contact Lens

How To Get a Pair of Colored Contact Lenses – Free

It is not very difficult to get a pair of free colored contact lens. It is always possible to get a free pair if you happen to be at the right place.

There are thousands of manufacturers of color contact lenses. Therefore there is a fierce competition among them to attract  customers. It is easy to get a pair of free  colored contact lens. 

Each manufacturer is vying for your attention and in a bid to make you stick to their brands, will offer one or more pair colored lenses to customers, absolutely free.

But it’s not as if you are going to get a free pair just by walking into a store. It is not that simple, really. A Contact lens is a medical device and is not available unless you have a doctor’s prescription.  It is not advisable to order for a contact lens online without a prescription.

To get a free color lens first you should visit the official website of a reputed manufacturer. You will see a number of options for trials of free color lenses. It means you don’t have to pay any thing for the trial of the lens. If you click on to the option you will get to know the procedure. Just follow the instructions to get a free pair.

The manufacturer will give you a certificate which enables you to get a free pair. Unless you get a certificate from the manufacturer you won’t be eligible for a free colored lens. The story does not end here.

 Go to the eye practitioner once you have  received the certificate from the manufacturer. Show the certificate and get a prescription for the color lenses. The doctor will give you a prescription if you require a pair of lenses to correct your vision.

After discussing with your doctor order for the color you wish. If you received the free trial lens, wear it for some time.  It will give you an idea of how comfortable you are with the lens.  If you are comfortable after trying on the lens, then congratulations on your free pair of lens. If you aren’t then go back to your doctor for advice.