Buying Contact Lens

Importance of Contact Lens Prescription

If you are planning to wear a pair of contact lenses, then you should make sure that you get your eyes examined from a qualified eye care specialist. After the examination is over, you should make sure that the doctor provides you with a prescription that can be easily filled.

Remember that a pair of contact lens from a reputed manufacturer cannot be bought until you have a valid prescription. If a website allows you to order a pair of contact lenses without a prescription, then chances are that the quality of the lens that you will be buying is suspect.

A prescription as we all know is a statement by a medically qualified specialist authorizing you to buy medication or a pair of contact lenses in the current context. It is a document that assures you will get the right medicine or product from a reputed manufacturer.  People, who undertake to sell contact lenses without a prescription, may sell you lenses that could prove harmful for your eyes.

As a new user of contact lenses, you would definitely make sure that you get a pair of contact lenses that are beneficial and not harmful for you in any way.

A valid prescription from an eye care specialist should have your name, address, date of examination and the period of validity of the prescription, besides the detailed information about the contact lenses that you should be wearing.

A prescription will have your doctor’s name, address and telephone number printed on it. It allows a drug store or a dealer of contact lenses to call up your doctor in case they have any doubt about the type of lens that you require.

Never underestimate the importance of a contact lens prescription as it ensures that you get a pair of lenses that are appropriate power and of a reliable brand.