Buying Contact Lens

Which Type Of Contact Lens Should You Buy

Surely, contact lenses come across as the best option for vision correction. But, one thing that you should know is that no one lens is right for all people as different people have different requirements for their eyes. Which type of contacts would be best for your eyes depends upon several factors that may be noticed during an eye exam. These factors include- the shape of your cornea, health, condition of your eyelids, your tear film quality, and the power of your prescriptions. All these points would evaluate the accurate type of contacts lens to suit your eyes.

After applying one type of lens, it is essential to try the other type to know which lens would work best and when to change to the other type. The different types of contact lenses available to you are-

* Hard contact lenses- Are the most initial form of contact lenses that were made using  plastics called plastics called polymethylmethacrylte or PMMA. They are not very popular in modern times but they have a lot many advantages. They are affordable, easy to maintain and easy to use. Also

* Soft contact lenses- are the most used form of contact lenses in the modern times. However, they have their own positive and negative points. While they are comfortable to wear for majority of people, they could be really expensive. Also, they always have the chance to slip out of eyes accidentally.

* Gas permeable contact lenses- These lenses were invented before soft lenses came in to existence. They are easier to maintain and use in comparison to soft lenses but they are a slightly improved form of hard contact lenses and take longer to adjust as compared to soft lenses.

* Disposable contact lenses- Use and throw is the rigt expression for these lenses. They are an expensive option but, they save your eyes from all kinds of infections. They are available in daily, weekly and monthly replaceable forms.
* Bifocal contact lenses- are a blessing for those suffering from nearsightedness and farsightedness. They are apt for use by those who have distant as well as reading prescription in each of the eyes.

* Other types- Other types of lenses may involve those required to correct conditions like astigmatism and others.

All the different types of contact lenses have their own advantages and disadvantages. You would have to see as to what suits you the most and make your choice accordingly. Also, you must make a note that different types of lenses demand care and maintenance which involves storing and using them rightly!

So, choose the type of contact lens that is apt for you as per your eye condition and other factors and see the world in a better way!